Zen kernel fails to load

Hey, so I royally screwed up. Was installing software like WinSCP and Wireshark etc and didn't realise the battery was low. It died midway through installation and now when trying to boot the Linux-Zen kernel, it says some error I forget and that the kernel needs to be loaded first. Booted into the LTS kernel as I had the common sense to have a failsafe if this ever happened but trying to think of the best way to fix this. Like wipe the kernel or reinstall Zen or something else? Any advice? Thanks

if you are in the lts kernel just goto system setting remove zen kernel reboot then reinstall
or time shift back to working version


Already removed it so will reboot. But I'm just wondering what process to follow. Like should I do everything here in the following link? Or just simply install it?

Just install it.
From the Garuda assistant or the terminal.
Nothing else to do ...


Okay thanks guys. Went through Pamac to simplify it and installing linux-zen. Will reboot after and hope it boots into it. If not I can select through advanced options and hopefully it will default after

You might consider installing the linux-zen-headers, if Pamac did not do that for you (it probably did).


Couldn't tell if it was installed with it through Pamac but there was a package called linux-zen-headers so I installed that and rebooted. So thank you for the tip


I think now the zen kernel will be in the advanced options in the grub, so if everything works, you may want to temporarily uninstall and then reinstall the lts one to swap them.

We have life saver.......



Well it boots into Zen by default anyway so don't know what the point in that would be but yeah thanks for the tip

Honestly, never used it and wasn't sure if it would be worth it because of software installations and settings changed through the terminal. Figured reinstalling kernel would save hassle in other areas.

Ok ok, sorry, I must be confused with something else... :blush:


Well, it is a lot more handier to restore last working snapshot (usually latest or second one) than manually installing kernel, because there might be some broken packages too along with kernel, because of partial upgrade.

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