Zen 5.12.2 Causing graphics distortion

It's the sort of thing i'd have got really into when i was younger, and had lots of time and brainpower. Linux has sucked my soul, nothing left to give now! lol

It’s just replacing it with something fresher or better. Like raspberry jam. :grin:


It’s just replacing it with something fresher or better. Like raspberry jam.

Expanding builders foam.


This made my day. Thanks.


Speaking of preserved fruits.

I think Linux parallels very closely with how competent you are as a home gardener. If you know your stuff you can enjoy all manner of preserved, dehydrated, and fresh produce from your home garden. This is likely to be far more satisfying than the bland mostly unnutritious stuff you find in the average supermarket.

Those who have some degree of skill as a home gardener will enjoy a bountiful crop of great tasting produce. Those who never spend the time to learn how to tend their crops properly will likely see them wither and die.

It's a poor grower that blames their seed stock for their failures.


So you’re looking forward to this year’s Blueberries, heah? :slight_smile:

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Still not fixed :-/

According to the changelog for 5.12.5:

"commit 266a9da628ae5ec6db17cd179d9b1859c83a87ba
Author: Kai-Heng Feng [email protected]
Date: Wed Apr 21 13:20:31 2021 +0800

drm/i915/dp: Use slow and wide link training for everything

commit a5c936add6a23c15c6ae538ab7a12f80751fdf0f upstream.

Screen flickers on Innolux eDP 1.3 panel when clock rate 540000 is in use.

According to the panel vendor, though clock rate 540000 is advertised,
but the max clock rate it really supports is 270000.

Ville Syrjälä mentioned that fast and narrow also breaks some eDP 1.4
panel, so use slow and wide training for all panels to resolve the

User also confirmed that the new strategy doesn't introduce any
regression on XPS 9380.

 - Use slow and wide for everything."

I had high hopes that this would fix my issue, but apparently not. I'm still having to revert to 5.11.16 to have a usable system.

What do I do about it? I have no idea how to get involved with the kernel nerds, and really don't want to beg people for something that may be just my system that is the problem.

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