Yuzu and Citra emulators removal?

I do not use emulators myself, and I am especially not interested in Nintendo ones.
But I wanted to let you know that company supporting the Nintendo emulators Yuzu and Citra were taken down after a Nintendo lawsuit.
They will probably need to be removed out of Garuda Gamer sooner or later.

I strongly disagree with this post. Yuzu and Citra should remain indefinite


I expect they’ll just get replaced by suyu in some future update, no big deal. :grin:

As I have read, the emulators were taken down as part of the settlement. They might not function properly, and surely will not get updated. Also, there was legal trouble around these.
It is just something to consider. Though, I understand your viewpoint.

Yes, Suyu is a fork of Yuzu that just came out. Hopefully it can avoid the pitfalls that were fatal to Yuzu.

We added suyu already (to the repository) here:

For now we don’t know how sustainable these projects are going to be and Yuzu still works, so I’d wait a bit until we know for sure.

Edit: uhm…


It is tough to be a Nintendo fan on the PC nowadays (I am not since the Gameboy and SNES days). Thanks for the update.

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