Youtube-dl on github


I am not a big user of YouTube. However, I do want to download the occasional thing. I usually just use a Firefox add on as I usually find them sufficient for my needs.

Who knows, maybe they've already targeted those as well. I haven't used one in a while.


I don't download anything that has DRM (copyright) that is not allowed to be there.
For me, the Inkscape and Blender tutorials are interesting and of course cat videos, cat videos, cat videos, cat videos and cat videos :-D.

Ich lade keine Sachen die DRM haben herunter, die es dort auch gar nicht geben darf.
Für mich sind halt die Inkscape und Blender Tutorials interessant und natürlich Katzenvideos, Katzenvideos, Katzenvideos, Katzenvideos und Katzenvideos :smiley: .


I just use JDownloader2. I copy the link to the video, it picks up the video stream and saves it on my system.

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Wait a minute. We already ship xdm (xtreme download manager) in lite as wel as ultimate.
That should serve the purpose.

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I cant work with that, on i3, or I am too stupid to use it, on every page where is something that can be to DL it opens a big window, but I do not want to DL. So me or the app or i3wm is wrong?

Idk because I didn't use it for yt :sweat_smile:
But surely it works fine for iso. I downloaded a 3.1gb iso on it and it was really good.
May be I will try yt :sweat_smile:

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IIRC on every page where a video or something similar is, every page not only on YT.
Maybe I must set some settings? IDK, and I do not spend time for search, I do not need it :slight_smile:

i use ss method for downloading Yt videos

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I believe XDM was removed from the KDE Lite package list.

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Yeah. I didn't notice that :sweat_smile:

Well, its my fault. I forgot that it was removed from lite.
But I downloaded and it worked pretty fine. (It downloaded a viideo in 1080p)

And ss method is simplest but also most insecure one (just insert ss in front of YouTube, for example

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ss method works peacefully app the github CEO has replied on the matter in the IRC of youtube-dl

This issue has been resolved for those reading it later


Well I must say I'm rather pleasantly surprised by Github's support for ytdl. I wonder if M$ (the owner of Github) will be pleased by this response and if GitHub CEO Nat Friedman will be looking for another job in the near future.