Youtube alternatives for android/pc?

  1. First of all, how are invidious and piped different? Which one would you recommend?

  2. Both seem to have 'instances'; is it similar to what we have in the fediverse?

  3. Are instances just for hosting accounts?

  4. Can we upload videos with these accounts?

  5. Which android app should I use now that youtube vanced has been abandoned?
    There is a lot to choose from: libretube(uses piped), newpipe, freetube, skytube.

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I just go to on web browser. I haven't tried Invidious.


All you need is


The rest you found on Whoogle


The most significant differences between the two are on the back-end, undetectable by the user. From a user perspective, they are pretty similar although the interfaces and in-built controls have some noticeable differences. Try them both and see which one you like better.

Each instance is a server that someone set up that is running the software. You don't have to worry about it too much; it's not like Mastodon or something where the instance has a lot of meaning or significance. If you are streaming some videos and getting bad performance or it isn't working, try connecting to a different instance. Each instance might have some slightly different settings, but nothing major.

I downloaded the LibreTube app from F-Droid, and it was good enough that I haven't bothered checking out anything else. :joy: I don't watch that many videos in the first place, so take that for what it's worth.

Also in F-Droid, the UntrackMe app is pretty good for automatically redirecting links to libre front ends (so you can click links out of web search results and they open in your alternative front end automatically).


Use F-Droid Search: trackercontrol and wonder who is trying to send data to google, M$, FB and more (even from official (secure :smiley: ) banking apps.

If TC's data is correct, you know why they are not allowed to work on rooted phones for alleged security reasons. There, the user could block this much easier. :slight_smile:

TrackerControl allows to monitor and control hidden data collection in apps.

This looks great! I had the DDG App Tracking protection for a while, this looks like the same idea but better presentation/more information.

I switched to vanilla LineageOS for a while, and the App Tracking protection went nearly silent! No Google services running constantly in the background makes people much harder to track. :joy: I had only a couple apps that would pop up from time to time and I ended up just getting rid of them.


Thank you for your opinions.
I have got my answers.

If anybody wants to add something else, feel free to please share it.


Foremost is the replacement for Vanced:

Things it can patch:

Libre alternatives:


For the PC, I use FreeTube, Libretube for Android, also NewPipe for second choice.


Greetings everyone,
I tried NewPipe, SkyTube & LibreTube, and I think I will stick with LibreTube for the android phone because it looks more modern and similar to youtube(It's my mom's phone, actually).

I have an old iPhone 7 for myself, and I use YouTube in the Brave browser, which removes ads.

I recently came across this(GitHub - yattee/yattee: Privacy oriented video player for iOS, tvOS and macOS); these clever people have a simple video player in the ios AppStore, and they have put up a complete ad blocking, privacy-oriented YouTube frontend in their TestFlight beta.
But their beta is (usually) full, and free spots are only released now and then.

As for my laptop browser, I would be sticking with the original YouTube front end.
I have installed all these extensions(photo attached below), which should block most of the trackers.
Moreover, I am using Unhook, which helps me remove all of the unwanted stuff, video recommendations, shorts, and all that, reducing distractions.

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Awesome services friends!


Woogle is "rate limited" means ... ?

It means google didn't like the amount of search requests by that particular instance and put a temporary limit on it. Therefore Farside was implemented by the Whole dev in order to continue searching on another Whoogle instance :eyes:


Google basically set up a rule where if it sees traffic supposedly coming from one device but there is no possible way it is actually just one person sitting there making queries, they will throw this rate-limit error. It's their way of pushing back on what they see as an abuse of their service. Since Whoogle is proxying all the queries it gets, on Google's end it looks like one device making all the queries of everyone who happens to be connected to that instance at the same time.

The Farside service that is linked is basically a network of Whoogles, where if you get hit with a rate limit it will reach out to the network and identify an instance that isn't holding up as much traffic and will redirect your query to that instance.



Works fine for me without that error message :slight_smile:


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