Your favourite applications and tools on Linux

Lets share our favourite apps here!


The posts in this thread should be follwing:

App name - short description (must be added) + some highlights ( optional )
(You can add any nr of apps but no more than 10.)

  1. btop --- The best terminal system monitor with excellent presentation and customizability.
  2. rawtherapee --- My favourite Pro level Raw photoediting software.
  3. neovim --- You know, the upgraded version of the text editor that the geeks have been going on about for ages.
  4. fish (bash alternative) --- Well try it yourself, no coming back. (Standard on Garuda)
  5. alacritty terminal app --- A fast modern terminal app which is claimed to be one of these fastest terminal apps. It is supposed to have GPU support for running heavier terminal apps fast.
  6. Kitty terminal app --- If I cant run alacritty on some systems I use kitty terminal which has the same philosphy.
  7. ranger - Minimalistic terminal file manager. Excellent for going through code & text files fast. The views can be easily customized - make the text display section wider in config.
  8. ccat - cat with colorful presentation like IDEs and text editors.
  9. jamesDSP - Cross-platform Audio Effect / Digital Signal Processing.
  10. tree - list contents of directories in a tree-like format.
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Kakoune: Vim, but different. Has some really fancy stuff and supports proper regex syntax :slight_smile:

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Plasma System Monitor: Can show your system specs, load, running applications etc. the way you want. Can also be used to stop / kill running processes.


radiotray or pyradio must have ))
search station ))

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many, anyway mainly alternatives to classics ones (small or big):
exa and lsd, delta, bat, ripgrep and ugrep, micro instead of nano, neovim, fish instead of zsh (I used bash, too), firefox -> librewolf, thunderbird -> betterbird, lesspipe -> batpipe, find -> fd, df -> dfu, du -> gdu (or dust, ncdu)

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I use Brave Browser, Evolution for Email, VLC to RTSP into my Video Cameras and Rhythmbox for listening to The Archers Podcasts.
If you are not UK English you will not know just how sad I am listening to the Archers.

Best tool, 'Pacdif' after a change to Meld.

Previously, on Windows and Linux Mint I was always 'fixing' things.
Not so on Garuda, it just works and if i want to make something work differently, that is possible too.


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These are all great pieces of software. I have used Rythmbox on/off over the years, nice minimalsitic interface + the damn thing works every time. :smile:

Regarding email clients.. I have been quite happy on stock Thunderbird because 90% of email clients do not work with Gmail out of the box. Current Thunderbird implementation lets me setup 3 email aadresses in minutes and I do not start fixing the app.

Evolution looks something I'd use but it fails the 2-Step vertification.. Some token error. :melting_face:

I imagine it would work fine without 2-step and just set a long secure passwd.

Thats a useful list of terminal apps. Big thumbs up for exa, lsd, gdu.

Is there any Arch installer for Betterbird or only source build?

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I could never get on with Thunderbird, although it is installed and working, I just don't like the interface. Later versions of Evolution work fine with Gmail. In fact I have several email address' which Gmail collects to take advantage of the SPAM filters and then i use Evolution to read them.

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You got it working with 2-Step vertification as well?

Yep, I have 2-Step verification set.
Set it up as usual, the first time you synchronise it will send an 'is this you' notification to your mobile phone. just say yes and it will work from then onwards.



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Here goes:

  1. I, too, like fish a lot. No more heavily customized zsh configs for me (even though powerlevel10k was great fun: GitHub - romkatv/powerlevel10k: A Zsh theme).
  2. Alacritty is nice, but I really need multiple shell tabs, so for now I'll stick with GNOME terminal (I've used Guake for many years, but I guess we're divorced now).
  3. Next up: neofetch (GitHub - dylanaraps/neofetch: 🖼️ A command-line system information tool written in bash 3.2+). Functional and fun. What more can we ask for? On desktops, I like to let neofetch convert my user avatar into ASCII art and use that to fill the left column.
  4. Firedragon is awesome. Great default addons/settings, and I can get almost everything done with it. The only reason for me to use Chrome on a regular basis is to have a fully functional Teams experience.
  5. Sdkman is a terrific tool for java developers (like me): Not only does it allow you to manage different versions of java and java related tools, it also takes care of downloading and updating them.
  6. I was gonna say bashtop, however... aegir mentioned btop (btop - the htop alternative), which seems to be its successor, so I'll definitely give that one a spin.
  7. Last but not least: Krita ( I've used GIMP for ages, but these days I'm mostly using Krita for graphical stuff.

Hello guybrush!

  1. If you are interested in exploring alternatives you can give Terminator a shot.

  2. I might look into skman myself since I am doing Java dev a lot this year.

Thanks for actually reading through the first post and doing a proper reply. :smile:

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Hi, there's aur/betterbird-bin, it's a binary. Another valid email client I used is Claws Mail. Edit: we know that without the much necessary software written by the great Richard Stallman and others, we couldn't have had GNU/Linux as we know it. But using always software written by GNU only, isn't always the right choice. For instance, I used bash shell because nearly 100% of the distros I tested at that time have bash as default shell. Then, I tried zsh and liked it. I have known Fish shell (I'm using it). If many distros would use some alternatives will be better.

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Ok, thanks.

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WezTerm is also interesting

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  • konsole - has blur, won
  • htop - simple and does the job perfectly
  • neovim with spacevim and currently emacs with spacemacs ( trying emacs for the first time for a few weeks )
  • fish - since its gonna get ported to rust... if not, nushell :stuck_out_tongue:
  • all rust cli apps ... they are too many: like exa, ripgrep, hum... i had a list somewhere..
  • logseq - PKM to manage knowledge, great to create a list of favorite rust cli apps ( i was using qownnotes when i did the list )
  • qutebrowser (qt6 version) with some scripts like privacy redirector and play videos on mpv and keepassxc integration -> wonderfull and super customizable. FASTER THAN FIREFOX!
  • telegram -> to annoy @dr460nf1r3 and chaotic team with uninteresting stuff
  • pyinfra -> to manage garuda ( kinda like ansible but in python !! NO YAML !! )
  • selfhost newsblur -> rss feed. if not self hosted, then rssguard.
  • media-downloader -> download videos with yt-dlp, but easy to configure options/quality for each video
  • easy-effects -> improve sound quality a little
  • mpv -> its ... just ... amazing

I'm pretty happy with GNOME shell, but I'm giving WezTerm a spin. We'll see which one will come out on top :slight_smile: .

  • terminal emulator (rxvt, etc)
  • gnome-disk-utility

With only those two tools, I can create any Linux masterpiece that one could imagine. In Arch anyway. I've been away from everything else for too long to comment.


for terminal based tools I always choose Rust utils - they are the latest and fastest usually.

bat, wezterm, fzf/skim, helix etc etc.
if you google for awesome rust cli/tui there are lots of github lists

for apps I prefer KDE. For browser I use both Chrome (yes I use its sync, everything we do is tracked anyway if you have gmail or Android) and Firefox both.

shell is fish for interactive, dash for non

tried kitty, alacritty and konsole is just as good, but I now use westerm