You Need To Log In To This Network

Shortly after this mornings updates I started getting a notification Network Management Wired connection 1 You need to log in to this network. I clicked Log in and the page you see in the second screenshot opens in the browser with a address of . After that all seems fine, just that notification keeps popping up every so often. I even went as far as to delete the second wired connection that does not have Cloudflare's DNS in it leaving only the one mentioned in the notification. I'm wondering if anyone knows if this is caused by the Vivaldi-Snapshot update or one of the other updates from this morning. Thanks

My WiFi network is also showing the same and the icon which is generally white(signifying WiFi connected with internet access) is orange(signifying WiFi connected but no internet access) but everything works fine except my Spotify application is showing offline(no internet connection). Help me :pleading_face:

WOW nice catch bud, I didn't even notice the bit of orange in the middle of it. AS for Spotify I just checked mine and its fine.

I got the same thing but which is the equivalent thing of the kde one.


OK the Reddit thread I linked to the OP is running a Arched based system as well.

Wow thanks @pupperemeritus the linked worked like a magic :joy: as soon I opened the link it showed networkmanager is connected and the icon turned white

Ooh. So it's an arch based issue and not related to garuda or gnome.

It wasn't supposed to be a solution but fine xd.

Yes this is happening in Arch based linux only

Looks like that works like a charm. nice find, thanks

yeah man it wasn't supposed to do so but it did work out thanks a lot again :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL sometimes accidental finds are the greatest.

On gnome I think it automatically checks the thing where as on kde it's manual. Idk.
Edit: I rambled some random shit there please don't mind me.