You need to load kernel first

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I installed garuda linux black arch last night.
It was working fine till now, when I rebooted (with power key) it showed an error "you need to load kernel first". The linux is dual booted with windows 10. I searched on google to fix this with arch but garuda linux is actually mixing up arch and plasma and I don't know it only adds a desktop environment or other other changes also. I thought to go into chroot and fix this up but before doing that can somebody please tell me that this will work or I will just waste my time in doing that.
Ps: sorry for my bad english

Hey, you should boot the live ISO you used to install Garuda, select the "chroot" option in Garuda Welcome and then run the following command after making sure you have a working internet connection: pacman -Syu linux-zen

That should in theory get your system back to a working state, although I do wonder how it ended up this way in the first place however.


I think @Villager should check the disk for errors too. He did a reboot with hardware power key, so maybe had a crash/freeze and couldn't reboot normally. So maybe the filesystem has errors and cannot access the path to the kernel file.

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Thanks both of you I will surely try these :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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