You guys stink (actually the opposite.)

So it seems every dang time I run into a problem, I fire up whoogle and I find the answer. This means I never get to ask questions, so I seem to never get to start a conversation. I guess I should thank everyone for already having the same issues I run into and already asking the question. Between here, the Garuda wiki, and the arch wiki I keep finding the answers to issues I have had.


Thank you for being a Good Linux (well, in general) person and taking the time to look things up for yourself and learning in the process.
Welcome to the forum / Linux.

N.B I actually do stink. I'm being a proper nerd at the moment and haven't showered for long enough that I caught a whiff of myself earlier. I shall be correcting this soonTM


I am not new to Linux by any means (also don't consider my self a master of it at all either like if I can find a GUI way to do something over remembering a terminal way I will go the GUI route even if I have learned the terminal way) but am new to Garuda so learning how some of the built-in features of it have been a bit of an experience, but it seems that each time I go to ask how to fix something that bugs me someone else has already asked or if I broke something someone else has already broken that thing before me and asked how to fix it.

For instance, a few days ago I did an update, and it caused all of my USB devices to not respond, so I went to restore a snapshot only to find that my snapshots on grub were old. I had switched from snapper to timeshift and back again only to realize that when switching between the 2 I removed the grub-btrfs package, so grub wasn't getting updated, and I just figured this out just now and was mad I didn't get to ask how to fix it lol.


Good on you for doing the responsible thing by performing a thorough search before opening a help request. It is greatly appreciated my friend.

Welcome to the Garuda community.


Snap(per). I did the same, but realized before I needed it (which has only been for testing) :smiley:

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I didn't realize that it was already setup with a GUI and everything, so I had installed timeshift because I liked it over my previous experience with snapper because it had a GUI, but I like that snapper has package manager plugins to snapshot before and after something is installed. So having a GUI manager for it made me want to switch back to have the pacman plugin.

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I was a pure arch user for a while. There is only so many times you can be told to read the manual before you just get scared to even bother asking questions, lol. That and I am an automotive technician by trade, so I am used to diagnosing things.

In any case, thanks for the hard work you guys have put into this distro.