Yay error when installing any program

hello. I have tried to find it elsewhere too. no joy. rust related?

yay calligra
error: error decoding response body: expected value at line 1 column 1: expected value at line 1 column 1
it takes 1 minute to show it

Not a fix if this isn't actually a problem with yay, but why not try some alternate AUR helpers.

Try the new updated version of yay from its original creator called paru, or you could also test out trizen.

This will at least help narrow down where the problem lies.

@kremix Totally noobie linux desktop user here, BUT, I noticed very different behavior out of yay depending on if I installed it from AUR, or from source. Source was the way to go for me.

This indicates an issue with the HTTP response.

This is probably because the AUR server is currently (2021-04-26T00:00:00Z) unavailable.


Its back up it seems :slightly_smiling_face:
I thought my internet was dying because of this! :joy:


The outage appears to have been caused by Pamac's incremental package search:

Pamac has been blocked and the AUR server recovered from what was essentially a DDoS attack.


I never did trust that 'Pamac'...even the name sounds sinister. Of course the name 'Octopi' doesn't sound any better. :wink:


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