Yay, an anniversary in this forum



It's been a joy using Garuda until I experienced some pacman-related problems. Can't really blame anyone for it except for package maintainers, but now I'm on Void Linux and I like it. Also I'm still thinking about My Own Distro™ and soon the concept will emerge (yes, a terrible gentoo pun) in another git/ipfs repository. Oh wait, I mentioned IPFS? UwU


I no how you feel i had a problem with blender 3.0 earlier :sob:
So i went back to windows!!!
Hell was on windows for ten minutes and went ■■■■ this :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
so just booted back into garuda and fixed it! :wink:
I was so happy i created some artwork :smiley: :smiley:


The issue is that I couldn't fix the issue without blacklisting some packages, which I don't like. And then it happened again. And again. And now I'm certain that Arch way of packaging is not for me.

No distro is "one size fits all". It would be great if we could simply choose our favorite elements from every distro under the sun to have our own personal dream distro ready made. Sadly, Linux isn't quite at that point yet, (and likely never will be). Unfortunately, you get whatever the distro developers vision is of what they think the perfect disto is. In the best case, this comes close to what you desire your dream distro to be. That is simply the nature of the beast.

Happy anniversary.


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