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The disclosure comes as security researcher notselwyn detailed a use-after-free vulnerability in the netfilter subsystem in the Linux kernel (between at least versions 5.14 and 6.6.14) that builds upon the Dirty Pagetable method and could be exploited to achieve local privilege escalation.

Since the ISO download of Xfce Garuda uses the linux-lts 6.1.60-1 kernel I’m wondering if this is soon to be updated.

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Yes, soon there will be a new ISO which will ship with whatever the most recent version of this kernel is (linux-lts 6.6.23 or higher, depending on when the ISO is ready).

Just a note for clarity: completing the installation with linux-lts 6.1.60 and updating once will also provide the most up-to-date version of this kernel. Basically the user will have 6.1 for like five minutes while they finish the installation, and then when they reboot and run the setup assistant they will immediately install the most recent version of the kernel.

In this way, the kernel the ISO ships with is not really relevant, except in a case where there is a hardware compatibility consideration (for example a new piece of hardware depends on a more recent version of the kernel for support).

Note also that bringing your system up to date provides util-linux 2.40-2, which mitigates the vulnerability mentioned in the article.


Many thanks for the reply.

It’s good to know that the Xfce version is soon to receive an update. I appreciate that downloading the current version is not a security risk as it is updated almost immediately, but when I installed Garuda Xfce on my Lenovo laptop a few weeks ago I had to do the initial download of the ISO, and when that was installed I then had over 1GB of updates to install, and since I’ve got a slow internet connection this took a considerable time.

I am in no way trying to have a dig at Garuda or the dev that deals with Xfce, but I’m going to make a suggestion - please don’t take it the wrong way. Could the ISO updates be a bit more regular [e.g. every three months] so that the initial download + update isn’t so big.

Also, as a random thought, when an ISO download is completed, installed, and updated the Garuda Setup Assistant allows you to easily add any software you want to add to the install. Since one of the main ‘selling points’ of Xfce is it’s a lightweight distro hows about leaving out additional software such as Audacity, Pitivi, Abiword and other software additions.

In the Garuda Setup Assistant add a tab labelled something like “Software recommended by the developer” [this title would undoubtedly need to be shortened] and add all of the aforementioned software and more. This would allow the user to easily install the latest software titles recommended by the dev as required, and if they don’t need the software it will eliminate unnecessary downloads. It would also remove the need for uninstalling unwanted software.

This is just a thought, hopefully I won’t be put on a hit list for suggesting it :wink:

1GB? These are updates for 1 week

It’s all free. Nothing to sail, thanks a lot to our donors :slight_smile: .

As already mentioned several times in the forum, every maintainer builds his favorite DE according to his own ideas.

If possible, suggestions for improvement should be ready-made MR.
But the effort to program your wish is probably greater than

sudo pacman -R audacity pitivi abiword ...

Abiword has 24 MB, for LibreOffice with 423 MB I would also say get rid of it.

@Colin put on hit list. Done.



It was just a thought.

I’m doomed.



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