[XFCE build] Nouveau: Installer failure 'mkinitcpio' error + Nvidia: Black screen before Xorg

Oh! looks like I did not see that post. Thanks for letting me know. Maybe I could use an older ISO an update from there ?

Edit: maybe not :frowning:

The answer is there is no place to find older ISOs.


Worth a shot if you have an older ISO. Garuda is rolling so using a slightly out-of-date ISO should be fine.

I was searching for older ISO in the meantime, but looks like there is no "archive" or older download. Edited my other reply with source ^

I'll keep looking a bit just to be sure

Edit: Got it! Found xfce iso build (210720), i'll try that instead

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You can still transform your current installed system to almost Garuda XFCE, if you install the appropriate packages.
After you successfully get to an XFCE session in your system, you can remove whatever is LXQt related and add your preferred applications.

FWIW your nvidia card is too old. You can use only open source nouveau (video-linux config in Hardware Manager) and I suggest so.


True that, actually I was looking at installing xfce on the lxqt build I had installed earlier. But then, I researched about that and found it is not a good idea to have 2 DE at the same time / same user. Somehow this info made me ditch the idea but I never thought of just removing the lxqt afterwards lol. I must be tired, that is defenitely worth a try. Probably better than using the old ISO I just found actualy (since it's from a thirdparty website). Thank you guys, i'll see if I can manage.

Have a look in this list (xfce ISO packages).
Most of them may already exist/be installed.
Maybe compare with LXQt ones.


Nice, I will use this as a reference then. I just hope that if I go that way and replace with xfce DE, the application menu will be organized like it is when using the actual xfce iso. I guess I will find out soon hehe

Yes. Compare and see what's missing.
Start with the xfce group and the goodies. Check.

You have to be alert though, during installation (using pacman in terminal), as there maybe conflicts and you may have to respond correctly (replace or not).
It may need research, or you may be lucky (I hope so :wink: ).

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Gotcha! Maybe one last thing before trying this harder route. If I use the ISO I found, could I just do sha256sum on that thirdparty iso and compare with the official checksum data? I did it just now and got:

$ sha256sum garuda-xfce-linux-lts-210720.iso 
eaa1a413d14690dba8e061fea59bd590a03305d74fad4ed54c359118f1276e09  garuda-xfce-linux-lts-210720.iso

but found nothing to compare it to. I'm thinking, if I did have that info, there wouldn't be any cause for concern i guess. (and would be easier than replacing desktop)

I guess it's a failed expectation... Sorry :man_shrugging:

Different date on the servers

Post link please.

@petsam those won't match for sure since it's not the same build
(210720 vs 210729). Oh well, I thought I'd ask. Thank you tho

@SGS sure, I did not post it before since it might have been forbidden to do so. Anyways, here goes (I have no idea if this is reliable btw, never used that site before)


I know there is a md5 hash there but, I can't trust it for obvious reasons

Firstly congratulations for writing such a detailed post as your first post!

Read this

It would be really helpfull in switching versions. You can make use of the --needed flag to stop the package from a group selection choices which get really confusing.

Its a know bug


Thanks, I am working as a QA / QA analyst using Agile. Been 16 years now . So i had training and much experience in writing bugs haha. That helps :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I want to thank you all for helping out. I will study those replies / links carefully and try my luck with the installation proceedure after that. Garuda rocks! I installed various versions on all my gear lol (will donate too, it's too awesome)


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Alright, just to share my findings (might help someone idk :P), I did install that older "rogue" iso, just as a test. I used the exact same scenario described in OP ^ (install attempt #2:). The install went through without any problem.

Of course I will not use that installation, the last thing i'll try before formatting is installing nvidia drivers. Even though my nvidia card is too old, like petsam said. I'm just stubborn and I like to test stuff haha. Then I will build XFCE manually or, worst case, I can just wait for a newer version of the XFCE iso. I am not in a hurry

Finally, I just wanna add that the payment went through (donation using librapay). I know it's not a huge amount, I do what I can to help at this time. You guys/gals defenitely deserve something so there you go. Good job with this distro.

(Note: I was never able to compile ungoogled-chrome myself and, when I saw it's in Garuda repo ... just wow! :partying_face: )

Anyway, keep up the good work !


This old BIOS date concerns me. Is there an updated BIOS available? How much RAM do you have installed? It takes a minimum 3 Gigs to boot , 4 to run (halfway comfortably)--or so I believe I read.

I had the same concern when I got the laptop. I am trying to "revive" it for a friend (who knows nothing about pc). So I did check the bios before anything else, except it looks like Sony removed the downloads for it.

Sony VAIO model: PCG-812214L
Drivers and Software updates for PCG-812 | Sony USA

So I kinda of assumed that this bios was the latest... I guess I could dig deeper to see if there is a newer version somewhere else but, I don't think I should trust another source other than the manufacturer. idk

This laptop has 4GB of ram and seems to work just fine, no lag or anything. I did test lxqt iso and now xfce.

Average RAM usage after full updates and all desktop effect / animations turned on: (no apps opened by user)

lxqt : 1.92 GB ram used out of 3.8GB
xfce: 1.2 GB ram used out of 3.8GB

Were you asking due to a concern like, security-wise?

Edit: Anyways, even if I wanted to update from third-party downloads, I can't seem to find any websites that have an update file for this bios. Looks like this is as good as it gets.

What concerned me about the old BIOS date was that new operating systems and, sometimes old BIOS' and hardware don't mix, especially if updates have not been applied, if available.

You've settled that and the RAM question, so it 'sounds' like an nVidia driver problem? Someone with experience on older hardware and nVidia may probably help you from here, as I haven't had an nVidia card for quite some time.

Good luck--and welcome to Garuda Linux.



I feel like I missed something here. Isn't this an issue with the actual ISO itself? Is there a second issue involving vmware somewhere that I missed?

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Could be. I tend to see BIOS dates before anything else. :slight_smile: