WOW! Bunch OF BS!

I simply asked about software I could possibly use to make an IMAGE BACKUP of my Garuda OS, and basically got locked out of with no OPTION TO REPLY to my own thread within 2 days.

Not to mention, The last comment was GOOGLE IT you already know. And "This is a ROLLING RELEASE". NO [email protected]! Has a lot to do with wanting to make a IMAGE BACKUP YA KNOW! DUH!

Yeah, I want to make an image backup of my system using the BTRFS file setup.

It's the fact that I asked a simple question and was completely LOCKED out and UNABLE to reply to my own thread within 2 days of posting it that kind of upsets me.

Telling someone : " Just install something or use command lines to solve your issue you know nothing about and enter commands you have no idea about is not a viable solution".

I asked a SIMPLE question and that was : Is there any software for Linux that is FREE that can make an IMAGE BACKUP of my operating system completely where I can RESTORE it using the BTRFS file system. And ALSO : Clonezilla did not work, Rescuezilla did not work.

That's all I asked.

The problem I have found with the "LINUX" community since switching from Windows is that for the most part there are a bunch of smart asses. And especially switching to Garuda I am getting the same responses. I was asking for help and what do I get? Smart ass responses.

NO WONDER WINDOWS is the majority in the market place...... Just saying.

Backing up linux REGARDLESS of BTRFS or EXT files systems should not be restricted to TIMESHIFT or some other software that is years and years old especially when you are new to linux and where you have no idea if it works or not. FOXCLONE is the best thing going, but it does not support BTRFS.

Either way, I am just looking for something to backup the entire hard drive to an IMAGE backup and restore it from an IMAGE backup using my USB drive to burn that software to that I can use to do so. HEY : LOOK : IF there is not one : JUST SAY : NO THERE IS NOT ONE. Rather than being a smart ass and say : YOU SHOULD GOOGLE IT AND TYPE THIS OR THAT.

Apparently , there is not nothing like that. YEAH Someone will say CLONEZILLA, but NO : SIMPLE is what I just said.

Either way, thank you for your time if you are reading this. I really Like Garuda, although there are MANY MANY MANY Flaws I could mention here other than backups. For one if even if you UPDATE the system the assistant software doesn't work, many flaws with selecting "REALTIME" and "Aninicy CPP" that all has to be done manually through the AUR, but the main one is the lack of having a BACKUP TO IMAGE AND RESTORE FUNCTION. Yeah there is TIMESHIFT : But if your MAIN hard drive fails you lose everything.

Either way, thank you for your time reading my rant here. I'll continue to use the software. As of now it works really good with the exception of what I have mentioned. Better than any other alternatives.

But those are my main issues with it, and I hope the creators of it like hearing about issues because if they don't then there is no reason to use it at all.

I mention this to try and help : IMPROVE GARUDA, not KNOCK it in anyway. And also improve commentary while using it.

Have a great day all!

I'm sorry, but it's much easier to just use the an installation ISO to restore if it becomes necessary. I don't expect to mess up my distro every few days...
By the time I might want to restore everything, I would prefer to just start fresh, saving what few files that I might want/need. I would probably also distro-hop..but that's me. That's my take on the business.
Then again, my usage is stable enough that I have a 3 year old Windows install that STILL works without instability. My Linux distros usually only last about a year (but it's not because they're broken, it's because I need more space in the partition or I just want to start over). What are you doing that you EXPECT to need backups? :slight_smile:
Personal files can be archived somewhere periodically (if you care) by a simple tar command or zip or whatever. Sure, there's backup programs you can probably find if you google, but are they necessary, nope! Course all this will depend on knowledge get what you pay for.

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Baloney. You called it right the first time--it's a rant. And you contradicted yourself more than once. Glad you got it off your conscience.


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