Would search if search worked

I just entered "The process for the filenamesearch protocol died unexpectedly." in to the forums search box, hit enter and nothing happened. I then clicked options and enter that and got told "Your search term is too short". Thanks to the "Your topic is similar to..." dialog I found the below thread, but the search function of the forum does seem to have a issue.

Idk, works as expected on first try here :man_shrugging:

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Just tried again and then turned off all ad blockers just in case and tried and still the same. Will try with Chrome and Firefox to see if maybe it's a Vivaldi issue. Thanks

Same search string works in Win + Chrome. snicker snicker


odd in Vivaldi Snapshot now and same thing with the enter keys, but pressing the Flag / Win key brought up a list with this topic and the one I linked to. Strange that the enter keys won't work for search here but not a issue on other sites and forums.

The solution is not Windows and Chrome. :wink:

P.S. Try tapping the Tab key after entering the search string.

The solution is whatever solves the problem for the person reporting the problem. In this case the Win key aka Flag key is what what works. I said nothing a bout Windows itself. As for Chrome I said I would try Chrome and see if the issue happens there to see if maybe it was a Vivaldi issue and not a forum issue.

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Woe, trippy! :smiley:

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