Work space and multiple monitor setup in qtile

I am using Garuda Qtile. I have a dual monitor setup. How do I configure qtile to load 5 workspaces in my 1st monitor while the rest goes to the other monitor?


Automatically after booting?
I use i3wm and have only one monitor, but maybe @RohitSingh can help you.

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Yes I want it automatically after booting.And also I need a fail safe so that in case I detach the monitor all the workspaces work as before in the laptop screen.

Just checking, have you read the Qtile documentation?


I have but can't find anything there. I have searched in the internet too. The only hint I found in DT's qtile git repo in his own config. But I can barely understand his code.

Isn't what qtile HOOKS are for?
Study about Screens.

I guess you know how to write qtile configuration and not asking for a copy-paste solution :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don't have dual monitor so I don't know about it but surely documentation could help Screens — Qtile 0.1.dev50+gb3ccf9d.d20210602 documentation

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Trying to learn. I am not looking for copy paste solution. Thanks for reccomendation

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