Won't boot after BIOS upgrade

I booted Windows on a USB which ran an update, and after it restarted, it went into BIOS and started updating it. After that update, I was having a sudden issue with Secure Boot Violation - Invalid Signature Detected on startup, which I "fixed" by disabling Secure Boot.

I was able to enter my Garuda setup with Secure Boot disabled, but when trying to fix the issue to enable it again, I was locked out of my Garuda boot. After entering LUKS password and selecting the default Garuda boot option, the computer shuts down (give a message about thermal critical temperature reached)

I can now only access my files by using Garuda snapshot, which has wiped all my settings.

How can I restore my original setup?

If you did not change the snapper settings only / will be restored, not your ~/ folder.

About LUKS I can’t help.

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Secure boot must remain disabled to use Garuda Linux, unless you set up a shim first which is not trivial. https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/GRUB#Secure_Boot_support

Can you describe more specifically what you mean when you say “Garuda snapshot”?

Secure boot was just a symptom of the problem, the real issue is that when I choose the standard Garuda boot option (after entering LUKS password), my computer just shuts down.

By snapshot I mean going to Garuda Advanced boot option and choosing a restore snapshot to boot from.

I’ve heard of an EFI partition getting wiped or partially wiped from a BIOS upgrade, but if you can successfully boot a snapshot then your problem is something else.

What do you mean by “shuts down”? Any error message, or anything else on the screen? Does the computer actually power off or does it hang?

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It actually shuts down - power off. It gives a message about thermal critical temperature reached:

thermal thermal_zone0: acpitz: critical temperature reached, shutting down

this doesn't happen when booting from snapshot

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