Wlroots 0.15.0-4 breaks wayfire dependency

While doing an update on wayfire I'm getting a wlroots error installing wlroots (0.15.0-4) breaks dependency "wlroots<0.15" required by wayfire could this also be an issue due to it failing to download from mirrorlists?

last is
wlroots 0.15.1-2

Please post your garuda-inxi as text.
Also, full in- and output from garuda-update as text.

Probably that's the issue, as it needs a lower pkgver. We could possibly circumvent this, but maybe the blocker is in place for a reason? (Eg. incompatibility)
This was also reported at Chaotic GitHub yesterday, it seems like the wayfire package needs an update :eyes:

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I've been bugging @librewish about this issue for a week or 2 now >.>

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