Wireless Problems rtw89_8852ae (Legion 5)


I have an issue i cannot get arround, after updating the system the rtw89_8852ae driver seems to have been updated to a very unstable driver.

After a few minutes the network stall, cannot ping anything but the network info says all is okay, the only way to resolve it is to restart wifi, but after 1-3 mins it staals again.
But are not sure how to roll back the drivers and avoid it from beeen updated again to the unstable version.
The network adapter are working fine (works in windows and zorin)

Use last working snapshot and wait for the fix.

Next time, post the garuda-inxi!


You did not include the required garuda-inxi terminal output on your opening post. Without posting a garuda-inxi you are unlikely to receive much assistance on our forum.

There is another option beside rolling back your entire system and performing no further updates. You can downgrade the Realtek WiFi driver package, (assuming you installed the driver from the Chaotic AUR). Once you have downgraded the driver you can then have the package “held” at the old version by modifying pacman’s configuration file. This way you can still update your system without breaking your WiFi driver. The details on how to downgrade and hold a package at an older version can be found on the Arch Wiki.

Good luck, and welcome to the Garuda forum.

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