Wine on secondary ssd

Hello, I want to install wine on secondary ssd but with the Garuda Gamer app I think is not possible. Becausa I want to install my games on the secondary ssd and use the first with the system only. I’m not expert with linux and arch. Be patient :slight_smile:

since wine is the runner, and the games are, well, the games, this is perfectly possible. (I would however advise against using base wine for anything gaming. Rather use proton for that)
You could for example also create a custom wine prefix on your second drive for all your games and run them inside of that as to keep your saves and other game-related stuff with your games as well.

The best approach would be to use heroic launcher or steam, and both of those support installing games to a non-default directory.

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but I need to install wine first on the second ssd?

no you don’t. as I said it’s a runner and not the game. wine can be installed via pacman, and you’ll be able to use it on any of your drives.

As I also said, make your life easier and stick to solutions like bottles, heroic launcher or steam

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okay, steam seems to be working :smiley:

you think Lutris work too?

yes. PlayOnLinux will work too. will work too. …

It’s pretty dead though.

Wine, the program itself will be installed on the first ssd.

The Prefix is the place where all the necessary non binary windows-to-posix api/dll files are placed along with your save files and game progress/config.

You can have the prefix anywhere, having it on the second ssd can actually be beneficial if you change your distro or from the perspective of data security. Say you messed your Garuda Installation somehow (I really hope you don’t) then you reinstall,
having the prefix on the second ssd , you can just use it again as if nothing happened seamlessly like before. No risk of losing savegames which otherwise would be if the Prefix was on the OS drive/partition.

My preferred way which I use:

Make a folder named Prefix on the root of the games partition, then for each individual game in Lutris, select that folder or folders inside this Prefix folder as the prefix .

Do try to use the same wine versions for ONE prefix on Lutris though, helps keep things neat and clean.

If you do have to use another Wine version for a game(s). Make Another Folder in the Prefix folder, named after that Wine version, ie Wine6, Wine9 , etc and use that folder for those game(s)

Too many prefixes will also take too much space on the disk.

So , say you use Wine GE proton to game with Lutris, just make a WineGE folder inside the Prefix folder and select the WineGE folder AS the prefix in Lutris.

In the above scenario the Prefix folder in itself isn’t the prefix, it is a folder which contains the prefix , any folders that you make inside such as WineGE , Wine8 , etc themselves are the actual prefix.

If you are too confident as using one single wine version to game for all of your games, then you can use the Prefix folder as the prefix itself ! But in case you change Wine versions and still use one prefix folder, you will have to wait on each start as the prefix folder will be configured by each different Wine version .

Either you use ONE single folder as the prefix itself.
Or either you use multiple folders inside a folder as the prefixes, sorting them out on the basis of Wine version for use.

Hope this helps !

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The best WINE for games it’s wine-staging-wow64, with this I can run all my games just install & play (Battlefield Hardline, Burnout Paradise, CRSED, Deux Ex, Fast & Furious, Football Manager 24, GTA IV, GTA V, Football Life 24, NFS 12, NFS Rivals, NFS Payback) install with Heroic and activate Esync and Fsync

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