WINE not working or running, please solve this problem

solve this error or problem,


There are several problems with your post.

Firstly, it is unacceptable to post command output or logs as pics on most any technical help forum. The only time this is acceptable is if you have no working display and internet connection.

I can't read your output as I'm only on my cell and have poor vision, so it might as well be chicken scratch to me. Even if I could read it, I couldn't copy any error message into any internet search engine from a pic. These are the main reasons that pictures are unacceptable, this is not Facebook, this is a Linux technical help forum.

Secondly, Garuda is not the support center for every second party piece of Linux software ever produced. Perhaps filing a bug report with the upstream project would be more appropriate. Of course, I really can't say because I can't read the picture you posted on my phones tiny screen.

Perhaps you should perform a little more research before posting on the forum (like how to properly format textual output etc).

Welcome to Garuda.


@tbg while I completely agree with everything in your post, but In the case of Wine it does need to be looked at here. I say this cause awhile back I had Garuda and I had to uninstall wine-staging and install just wine so it would work. This time in Garuda no matter what I do it doesn't work. I have never run into this issue with Wine in any other Linux distro.