Wine Mono doesn't properly install

today I was trying to install dotnet472 on winetricks, but it said Mono doesn't appear to be installed.
Wine Mono package is installed as it was installed with Wine through Garuda Gamer.
Any help?

Intel i5-6200u
nvidia geforce 920mx
Garuda Linux XFCE

inxi: My inxi garuda -

Always post any error messages (not as a picture). Always try starting any application that won't start correctly from the GUI via the terminal instead. This will usually produce and error message that can be posted as text (no pictures) to the forum.

Please read the Garuda Wiki for information on "how to post a bug report". This include the information on how to format code corectly on the forum

Text output is preferred. The pacman rossetta entry on the Archwiki explains how to use pacman to provide textual outputs for installed packages, (or all pacman's many other options as well).


Why did you choose wine-mono-bin rather than wine-mono from the repositories?


i didn't choose it, it came with the wine-meta package

output in terminal mentions mono appears not to be installed

There was a post on the Bugzilla tracker link included in your output yesterday claiming that the issue is resolved on the most recent version:

-01-25 17:18:34 CST

Installation successful on Mint 20.04 64bits (Ubuntu focal 20.04 based) with a 64 bit prefix.

Tried running the latest (private) BlueBrick build, which targets only net4.8 or upper.

$ wine64 --version
wine-6.0 (Staging)

Thank you Wine devs.

I don't have anything to do With Windows, or Windows emulation as I was cured of that affliction years ago. So, someone else will need to offer you further advice.

Generally, @jonathon is the most knowledgeable troubleshooter you'll find on any Linux forum, so I'd perhaps follow his suggestion and install the alternate version. Perhaps it has the recent fix included to correct your issue.


Sorry for the late reply. Do I just have to wait for the update? If so, thank you for the help, sorry that I didn't notice the link in the output. Still a beginner in Linux. Thanks for the help!