Wine installation in a loop

Hi, still in the process of setting my Garuda system up.
For some progs I need I want to install Wine (not gaming, but photo editing and MyHeritage ...) Using the GUI tool to manage software I try to install Wine. The installation routine hangs in an eternal loop for 30 minutes. I cancel and do an uninstall. Then I try to install Wine -next. Same loop.
Confused what is wrong. Also confused by the long list if options I get when I search for wine. Not sure what to install.
Who can enlighten me?

Please, post your garuda-inxi from terminal as text.


Sorry. I don't really know how to use Inxi.
I just see the message "installing wine-stable" for literally hours .... in the window of the install/deinstall program.

For you again, the template you delete.

Hello Garuda users.

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You are right, there are a lot of options and possible configurations; going in blind is bound to be confusing.

I suggest reading through this document for the enlightenment you seek: Wine - ArchWiki

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"But I don't really love learning and typing commands, prefer GUI apps and distros."

Maybe you'd better choose another operating system.

But also for garuda-inxi there is the foolproof variant thanks to our great developer. :slight_smile:

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Ok guys. I understand you are loosing patience. That's ok. I shouldn't try to offload all my transition problems here.
I have, in the meantime, been able to uninstall 'wine' and install 'wine-stable'. That doesn't mean that my old wine-installed program really work, but that's a wine issue and I will find ways to deal with that.
I will continue to use Gui tools as much as possible, but I understand the need to provide information if you want competent assistance.
Thanks for the hints pointing me to good sources of information.


The topic close tomorrow.

:+1: καληνύχτα!

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