Windows UI to Garuda

Is there anyway to change the windows UI to look like garuda? I love using linux, even though I am new but it dosent work me sadly, but I may try it again in the future. However I have gotten use to the UI and was wondering if there was anyway to make windoes look like it? Specifcally the dragonized default



There’s very little you can easily do with Windows unfortunately. I’m acutely aware everyday I have to use my stupid work computer. I hate it.


He whines everyday, anyway. Windows just gives him a better excuse than most. :ducking:


Windows by itself is quite restrictive about what you can do with it visually.

However, there are tools like Rainmeter give you a bit more flexibility. Something I did just before switching to Garuda was to use Droptop Four to get a top bar like you see in Garuda.

If you set the default windows taskbar to autohide, you can use the droptop bar almost the same as you would a regular taskbar, with app menu, shortcuts, weather widgets and the likes.

See also the Rainmeter subreddit and for inspiration and widgets.

You can also download some KDE tools for Windows, like Dolphin, and use those instead of the default Windows programs.

In my opinion, the experience isn’t going to come close to what it feels like on Linux. Windows and Linux are similar in important ways and different in their own rights. And that’s okay. A BMW isn’t a Mercedes, and it doesn’t have to be.

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The comparison is accurate.
Mercedes uses Foss, BMW uses proprietaey Software.


Try this place out.

I did not know about Dolphin or the customization utilities you mention, but like as of the moment, I’m using Firefox, QBittorrent, Bleachbit, OnlyOffice, Etcher, VLC, Steam, and Chromium (and NordVPN).

Oh! And Windows was just installed using Rufus, using the methods that wily old Igor suggested in his article, here: Rufus USB media creator - Great tool, plus a Windows purifier

I’m not really sure what you mean?

OP asked how to make Windows look like Garuda and my reply had some suggestions about what can be done.

The suggestions in there will work independently of the software you mentioned, and it doesn’t really matter how you installed Windows if all you want is to customize it to look a bit more like Garuda.

Am i missing something?

Wouldn’t this question be more appropriate for a Windows forum? This is like going to a wedding forum asking for divorce advice.

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You’re new here. Actual topic discussion can sometimes veer from the original post after a bit. My suggestion, I thought, added to yours, especially after you mentioned Dolphin. I then added other FOSS/OSS software–which I think of mostly as Linux software, since I’ve run Linux far longer than Windows. I actually thought using them might make the OP feel more at home. :slight_smile:

But take it any way you’d like. And happy Monday. :slight_smile: The forum moderators will classify it willy-nilly.