Windows and Fonts extremely zoomed in after using display port

I accidentally booted into Linux with Displayport, and once I went in using HDMI, tans now windows and fonts are extremely zoomed in. If anyone knows how to help, please do. Thank you in advance.

UPDATE: it can be fixed by setting the screen zoom in acesdsbility down back to 100%, and forcing the font DPI to 96, then restarting

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In other words, when you encounter some display issues like screen resizing and fonts resizing, the 1st place to look at is in the Display Settings to make sure the parms are set right.

Normally changing output (DP, HDMI, etc.) shouldn't cause such an issue (it doesn't for me on 3 machines), but any screen resizing/zooming issue should 1st be looked at in the Display Settings, you are correct.

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