Windows 11 Secure boot

First of all, thanks to developers for creating this awesome Linux distro better than any other. I found Arch the best but hardest to install. Garuda makes it easy and adds many Graphical tools like assistant, boot options, etc. which are amazing and it is better than Manjaro because Garuda is close to Arch without much complex modifications, giving best performance.

I have to use Windows 11 for some kind of work so I can't remove it and dual booting Garuda makes me disable Secure Boot.

Is there any way to boot into Garuda with Secure boot ON?

I request developers to support Secure Boot or provide any way to manually make it compatible with Secure Boot.

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I use sbctl from the aur with windows 10 and secure boot enable and systemd-boot.
Not knowing what you are doing with secure boot can brick your motherboard.

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Windows 11 does not require Secure Boot subsequent to its installation. I'm running it that way right now. It may complain and chide you, but that's OK.



With using secure boot with other OS. One needs to know what they are doing. :wink:

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You don't need secure boot with win 11 not even to install its all on a windows web page how to install win 11 on older computors. It does not need to be a older comp anyway


I have not been using or misusing Secure Boot on this desktop PC for very long, only since 2019. Please give a few cites?

I do know for a certainty that I can brick a BIOS. I've done that on a handheld. Don't need no repeats. :slight_smile:


Great info here:


But why go to all that trouble when windows does not need secure boot, all it does is stop you installing software that Ms did not supply just like apple making your comp a brick wall around the Ms software store that intern allows malware from the 3rd parties to be installed without your consent. Just look where its hosted github


Secure boot is to protect the boot error from malware, so indeed it's needed.
Just my 2 cents. :wink:

I wouldn't go and hold your breath for this to happen. Garuda has no intention of becoming a commercial for profit distribution. Only distributions intending to sell to business customers have any incentive to use secure boot.

Garuda has no intention of making a profit, so this is not a high priority for the distribution.


Really its a shame it does not work Ms does not know what security even is

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People shouldn't run windows without secure boot, it's not up to Arch or Garuda to make it work, it's the user responsibility. I'm happy having it work on all OS.


Its not possible with grub. You can use systemd-boot

I can confirm that windows 11 doesn't require secure boot.


Seeing as how it is the New Year, I thought I'd pass along the reminder that it is time to perform the annual Windows ritual of wiping/reinstalling, (to restore some semblance of performance to a Windows machine). :rofl:


If you require a secure boot key, just try to take it off Mr. T's chain.


Running windows without secure boot is like running linux in root.

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For goodness sake windows with or without secure boot is running as root you are the administrator. Plus the malware root kit boys got around secure boot before it was ever released just like they did the licencing, the most insecure operating system bar android, secure boot has no effect on stopping malware,or a virus, or rootkit, they all come v the net and the dirty places users visit including vids and music from you tube facebook, porn. and all the other media sites including reddit. While using windows not Linux without secure boot.


Pr0n is best viewed in Linux, is what you're saying?

I couldn't agree more.

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