Windows 10 vs. Garuda Linux

I am confused whether I should switch back to Windows 10 or not. I really love using Garuda Linux and I want to know more what makes it different from other OS?

Not to be rude, but if you don't know what makes Linux different from Windows how are you using Linux? Have you never used Windows before? I really want to know now.


I am new to Linux and wanted to switch back to Windows for some software availabity and I thought for dual booting the both OS. I just wanted to know more features that makes Garuda Linux stand out from other linus distros.

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Oh, I get it now.

Not gonna lie, if you're absolutely new to Linux my first choice wouldn't be an Arch based distro like Garuda, since it takes a teeeeny-tiny bit more knowledge about system maintenance and it's easier to break if you don't know what you are doing. My first recommendation for the absolute beginner would be ubuntu-based Pop_OS! or Linux Mint.

But, if you're interested in Garuda and/or have even a little amount of experience with Linux, let me give you a quick rundown of its features:

  • Uses Arch linux repos + chaotic-AUR repos by default (so it's bleeding edge updated with acess to the AUR to find basically ANY program you need)
    ("If it exists in Linux, you can find it in the AUR." -Me, 2020.);
  • Custom kernel out of the box for better performance;
  • BTRFS as the default file system (among with Timeshift pre-installed for the PERFECT user friendly backup system);
  • ZRAM by deafult to improve system responsiveness;
  • GUIs for basically everything you need, where in other distros you'd need to mess with the terminal:
  1. Installing and maintening your graphics drivers, specially if you have a NVIDIA card (just like on Manjaro);
  2. Package management with support for snaps and flatpaks through pamac (also just like on Manjaro);
  3. Dealing with system maintenance with Garuda Assistant;
  4. Dealing with the GRUB Bootloader options with Garuda Boot Options;

Thanks a lot!
I am using Linux MInt in my secondary computer and learnt a lot of things about Linux.

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Mint is a good choice for someone new to Linux.

I started with Debian Stable as my 1st Linux distro a few years back. Chalk and cheese, Windows and Linux.

Linux is cheese ( or Paneer if you prefer ) in this metaphor :smile:


Both are the same in that they are the systems that run the PC.
Windows is an operating system that supports a wide variety of software, but much of it is a black box, and the scope for user customization is limited.
Linux is very different from Windows because much of the software and the OS itself are open sources. That allows users to verify the vulnerabilities and performance of the OS.
An excellent distribution like Garuda Linux is the fruit of the efforts and innovations of great developers.


the only thing I can say
is that I have tried a lot of linux distros
and garuda gave me the functionality and security i wanted right off the bat
it is very young and very up to date
the main problem as i found it was to adjust something and make it unusable but with the timeshift function many of these problems are eliminated in the first place
besides linux can really keep up with software and updates in the last years
garuda has many distros which is sometimes really difficult to decide a little trial and error is part of it

windows is still essential for gamers and also suitable for beginners but anyone who wants a plus in security and privacy and individuality should look at linux especially garuda


Windows is a Yellow Cab. They all look exactly alike and you never get to own it. You just rent it for awhile. You also have zero privacy as the cab is equipped with a security cam and every journey is logged. Linux Mint is the Honda Accord of Linux distros--a safe, dependable commuter car with a nice trim package. Garuda is a custom built street rod. It's beautiful, it's interesting, and it's got great performance, but you need to know about cars and you have to stay on top of maintenance.


I love car analogies when talking about Linux and yours is spot on. Nicely done.

These types of threads are totally divisive and tend to incite flame wars. Discussing which is the best OS, DE, brand of car, underware, or cereal is all rather pointless as it's all completely in the eye of the beholder.

No one can tell you what's best for you. Try and exercise your own judgement in these types of matters, rather than expecting Garuda users know all your personal preferences and what's right for you. That's obviously impossible to know as we are not mind readers.

I think this thread has seen enough responses that it can now be put to rest before a spark ignites a flame war.


I wanted to add something..but what is there to add, I couldn't find anything. Great analogy.