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Is there any way of bringing back the ‘Plasma5-applets-window-appmenu’ for Plasma 6? The KDE Global Menu does not hold a candle to the other. Isn’t that the reason it was created in the first place.

It’s not up to Garuda, it is up to the maintainer/developer.
But the upstream package had no development since a couple of years:

Also the packaging in Arch didn’t have much activity lately.
But I don’t think in this case (port to KDE6) they could do much.
That’s how distros work… Unless you can effort taking over the development, which is very different from integrating apps, or sometimes packaging them differently.


Thanks for responding. We’ll use what we have. Never hurts to ask.

Thanks much

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Sorry but let’s keep it dead.

What does this comment contribute to this discussion? :thinking: right - nothing of value.

I would love for someone to port this plasmoid to KDE 6. The doubleclick for maximizing a window is a pretty handy feature after all.



If someone on your team knows the person, drop them a line.
But, maybe, KDE could modify ‘Global Menu’ with the attributes from the ‘Window Appmenu’. This could be a win-win all around.

Thanks again.

I kinda imitated the look using:

Maybe this is something for the time being till there is a better, more complete solution.


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