Will there ever be a dragonized version for the window managers?

hi i haven't been here in a while but ive switched to some window managers like i3 and bspwm and was wandering if there will ever be a dragonized version for them?

sorry if this is in the wrong place i dont know if this was appropriate for issues and assistance

I could imagine this would be difficult to answer without being a bit more specific than 'some windows managers'.

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i fixed it

I've asked similar questions, and the answer is 'If someone wants to maintain it.' That could mean you..that could be Joe Schmoe over there...that could mean if one of the current maintainers suddenly develops an interest in it.
I haven't actually used bspwm myself, though I am moderately familiar with i3 (and more so the wayside sway). It wouldn't be hard to put together a config for i3 (and probably also bspwm) from picking apart configs posted on unixporn and other such sites, I've done it many times. I have no interest in being a maintainer myself though.


No but you are free to adapt it to your wishes, it's Linux. :slight_smile:

Garuda started with KDE and i3wm around the ideas of the founders how a DE should work and look like.
After more and more maintainers joined who wanted the same, some of the look of individual De's changed.

WM are not designed to look nice but if you want to change that go ahead.


Garuda is all about the bells and whistles neatly put together to give you a very excellent and safe experience. Usually going with i3, bspwm, openbox and the other WM is because you want a super light OS that you build yourself. Then you are better off with Archlinux or ArchLabs and they are likely other Arch base OS. Best of luck.

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yeah the reason i havent talked in a while is because i was on regular arch and it was good but then i tried to customize and i was having a ton of problems with fonts and stuff

No A dr460nized XFCE is more likely

Well from what I have experienced, just keep plugging at it, you'll get it. I think WMs are ideal sandboxes to tinker in, and easy to see your changes. And yes, sometimes things happen that make you want to pull your hair out (but that's part of the fun, no?) The end result is you can reconfigure a blank environment (and especially if you save your text configs elsewhere) in very short order.
There don't seem to be a lot of places to get configuration advise on sway, but there's a lot more in the distros that do support I3, and there's a lot of stuff on the 'Net that can answer most problems.

It would be hard to do.

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