Will switching CPU and Motherboard affect installation?

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I currently have a bit of a potato PC. It’s running on an a320m motherboard with Ryzen 3 2200g and 16gb RAM and a 500gb nvme running Garuda.

I just want to plug out that nvme and put it into a new system running on B450 with Ryzen 5 5600g and 32 GB of ram.

Will my Garuda Linux installation run smoothly if I just take out the nvme and insert it into the new motherboard with the new processor?

Also, do you have any general advice to ensure my system won’t break after this transition.

Should be fine. It might take a year to boot the first time but it should pretty much just work.


It should be fine.

You could check fstab, if you have anything there that could fail. But usually today the UUID is used, that will work.

If you did manually set up network, that might change name also. So check those files. But if not all should work fine there, too.


If you switch graphics cards from say nvidia to AMD you will definitely have issues. If you keep your graphics cards the same type as on your original rig then it should be smooth sailing.

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