Wifi not working

Hey so i did a brand new install in matter of fact i did two reinstalls to see if my problem solved but it didin’t.

The problem is that i can not set up my wifi when i press drop down on ssid nothing pops up.
I have the drivers installed.Looked up tutorials asked in telegram nothing worked.

Cant upload images but if someone needs i can send you the pictures.

The easiest way to check your problem is that you follow the template and post the log from garuda-inxi.Please.


Where can i find the log ?

Welcome to the Garuda forum @xhauzo.

We prefer terminal outputs being posted for many reasons.

Pictures of error messages are not easily searchable online.

Pictures cannot be easily translated, for non English speaking forum assistants.

Pictures waste forum bandwidth.

Pictures are often hard to read.


Enter garuda-inxi in the terminal.

Paste the output to the forum.


I requested your garuda-inxi output 4 days ago. Without this information your thread is simply cruft taking up space on the forum. Read the template you are displayed when opening a help request to see our forums expectations.

This thread has not met the minimum standard to receive assistance on our forum so it has been moved to the 412 precondition failed thread purgatory.


That is simply a couple of responses from myself and @SGS. No long drawn out pointless conversation with 30 posts containing no info and numerous repeated ignored requests for info.

@SGS made a request, I repeated it. I waited 4 days, the info was not forthcoming so it got binned.

There is little frustration in that scenario in my book. I asked once, @SGS asked once, I waited a reasonable period of time and then binned the thread.

To me that isn’t even in the same league as a 20 - 25 post long thread with the OP continually ignoring requests. To me that example from you is actually a good example of how things should work.

No wasted effort on our part, no long thread with zero info forthcoming taking up space on the forum. Short and succinct. The user was given a reasonable opportunity to reply. They didnt, then thread binned.

To me that is the system working, without the user being able to claim our forum is full of A holes who lock threads without even being given an opportunity to reply.

Short and sweet. Good example to other users of what happens if they don’t comply with mods requests. No Network forum space wasted with absolutely pointless zero information threads.


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