Widget resize issue

I'm new to the Garuda community, I have this problem with the desktop widget and I wanted to resize it, I know that there is a config file in Python but I can't understand where this widget is put, can someone help me?

Image of issue: Widget-resize — ImgBB

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which widgets are you talking about?
maybe highlight them in the image.

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hello LordPoseidon26, in the image above you do not notice, now I have highlighted the problem with the widget, in practice where highlighted a part is cut because the screen resolution is too low, I wanted to know if it was possible to edit the highlighted part to reduce or remove whatever parameter.

Image of issue: Widget-resize — ImgBB

okay. That is not a widget. Thats just a system monitoring/show-off utility called conky-lua-nv or conky. The config file for conky is at ~/.config/conky/conky.conf and it is not written in python. just sort of shell scripting lang. for increasing the size, you just have to increase the font size. search for font in the config file and increase the size attribute +1/2pts. that will increase the size of conky


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