Widget bug in KDE

Hi, I noticed that some widgets resize themselves to a bigger size after reboot.
For example if you place a folder view widget and set the vertical size to minimum, when you restart the system, the widget has changed the size to a bigger one, and you have to resize it again and again.
Is this a KDE feature or a bug? what should I do to make it stop? it's annoying.

Hi there, welcome!
I think this is a Confirmed (but not yet Fixed) KDE bug:
Check also the duplicated bugs in there, they look almost identical to your issue


Hi! thanks!
It looks like the same bug indeed, so it's a KDE thing... hope they fix it soon, but the bug was reported a year ago, idk why they didn't solve it yet.

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I don't know as vwell, but the bug list of KDE is incredibly long, so they have to set priorities, and this could be not on top...

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