Why to change now

first thing in my life i had an apple i was always jealous of people with a window pc because they could play games on it
but honestly i was never a gamer even had really flashy pc's and laptops for some time
that was a mistake now i am old and i think i finally managed to get away from windows thanks to garuda i always had touch points with linux also because of my affinity for modifying systems but always returned to
but thanks to garuda i finally made it
took long enough but maybe linux wasn't ready yet
i love the easy and uncomplicated return to updates and also the quick bug fixes
i know it is a big change but if you make the journey you will be happier with it
and please don't forget never touch a running system unless you know what you are doing or have the chance to return with a snapshot ^^

this is just a very awesome declaration of love to garuda
just take it and like it if you like it

your nickschecka


Also, don't be lulled into a false sense of security with timeshift snapshots. You really need to implement your own personal data backup regimine to protect yourself fully.

Many settings and files are stored in the users home directory, and those are not included by default in a timeshift backup. You need to ensure you are fully covered yourself.

Glad to hear your journey has gone well.


am i wrong or can you really include /home in your snapshotz
think over or don't you have enough space for thät

and really important infos i don't have on hdd
i have a microwave and one two or many usb sticks ^^
i hope you understand i always don't use your black arch garuda
can't be concret but believe you can restore everything when you know why i hate to restore a system but sometimes itz betta

Yes you can, but if ssd/hdd/nvme break, you are lost :smiley:

please stop writing in slang, english and german. The forum is international and many then can not translate it with utilities.


Yes, you can include home in your timeshift snapshots. However, that is not done by default.

That is fine if you never store large files in /home, but it also has drawbacks. Say you had a bad update that you needed to roll your system back to be able to boot again.

This can create other big issues. Say you were working on an important project in your your ~/Documents storage. If you have to roll back your system then you will lose all your recent updates you've made to your project. Not a good thing.

This can work out if you never store personal files in your home directory. That way you will never lose personal files if you need to roll back. You could also use a separate program such as Back In Time to backup your home directory.

Either way Timeshift snapshots are not a secure backup solution as they are stored on the same drive they are backing up. In case of a drive failure or a timeshift restore failure the backups are of little use.


first i'm proud of you while you accept my solution
and really we speak to us
i don't use translations-tools
while thätz me
and trust me my real english and germain you don't wanna see here

i do my best but a good friend of mine has many backups on many pc's but 100% is irreal

what do you wanna here from me that a backup from everything on the same plate is safe when the plate chrashes ^^

i know every risk but i made you a compliment cause on garuda itz easy to remove

you always come with -fixxa and pay attention to the script

but do you listen to people

i write in english in my own english i don't have to translate it
that is only my school english
am i wrong you can correct it

you can have 2 or 3 backups on different hdds but 100% safe is nothing

i always wanna say you are cool your work is cool

i don't understand will you me kidding
a document or wörk will explode my storage *LOOOOOOOL
the thing is the people don't expend their storage and have problems #like_dualboot_on_one_hdd you know
i have enough space not to mirror something but always include my wörkin space as snapshot

so i have no probs with it is it my fault thät i can do this i think no

sorry for my rude language but it came from heart but that discussion i don't really expected there where admins and others who really wants to talk about backups thats me *LOOOOOOOOL i'm a guy who safes androids handys before make any changes before since early 00's *that is very funny
since when it gaves dbox1 and android handys and other linux distros

ich schreib mal an dich weil ich ja weiß das der schais von dir kommt
nicht jeder will euch ans bein pissen
aber klar fragen die schon ewig beantwortet sind tauchen zum hundersten mal auf
aber seid nachsichtig mit uns jeder ist auch mal betriebsblind
ich stelle auch blöde fragen

aber wir sind und bleiben einfach menschen

und über backups müsst ihr mich nicht informieren
sollte man machen aber wieviel platten sind genug 2 oder 10
wie hoch will ich das ausfall level treiben ??????????????

when you want it safe tell it the internet it won't forget *LOOOOOOL

Please do not use chat style posts.

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I will remind you of your testimony on occasion. :joy:


i hope you will
don't forget ^^

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