Why must Ggaruda be installed last in dual boot

A simple question came to mind. These days due to a hardware failure i had to reinstall all my setup. Garuda is my main system, but usually installed besides any other system that changes time to time.
I have been installing Arcolinux, Regolith, EndeavourOS.....

my question is:

why i MUST ALWAYS install Garuda last?
if I install any other system after Garuda. The grub menu never shows garuda option. Installing Garuda tha last then any other system is recognized and set in grub.

Very annoying because I want to keep garuda and test any other distro in the secondary disk but I don't want to be forced to re-install garuda

I don't know the answer and someone else might give you more insights, anyway, I don't think you need reinstalling Garuda, just update the grub from a live USB should be enough.
Or maybe check efibootmgr and set Garuda as first.

I quickly got used to this property and use it to my advantage. As far as my previous experience reaches, only Garuda can do that. I love it!

Warning: the GRUB customizer is useless or dangerous!

Because BTRFS is relatively new. Most Grub bootloaders on above distros were forked long ago, so they are outdated. I believe that Fedora should recognize Garuda, because they recently also got BTRFS, I will test it now. (It is quite some time that I dual booted :sweat_smile: )

BTW, you do not have to reinstall Garuda Linux again and again. Instead, you can simply boot into live media and reinstall grub with Garuda-boot-options. And all your other distros will be recognized.


Because the other os doesn't use grub for BTRFS. One simple way is to avoid installing the bootloader on the other os and then boot to Garuda and update grub.


(pedantic soapbox) And because no one ever planned on a dual-boot system. Dang it, Windows is the only OS, we don't share. (etc)

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Dual (and multi) boot systems need not include Windows! Mine (multi-multi) don't :grin:

BTW - I use rEFInd, and Garuda is the only one I need grub for - so I have rEFInd run that. That way os-prober never needs to run - just the snapshot tracking...


So, as expected, fedora auto detected Garuda at once

(Fedora 34 workstation edition)


Besides the btrfs that latest grub can see and use, multiple initrds are recognized by default. :wink:


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