Why linux not in the market share

The Real Fact

The fact is that why linux not in the market share because of these reasons


I mean many users like to have system that works 100% perfect which is straight away impossible


The rolling release are always not stable compared to LTS supports but LTS has fewer drawbacks

The Linux

The linux is designed for a DIY user mostly [Linux from scratch, Modifiing kernel etc]

The distroes base on Arch Linux like Garuda Linux, Manjaro Linux, ... provide much user friendly interface and open source


The distro maintenance work is done very well compared to those of Android, Mac and Windows system which puts useless bloatwares

My example

I'm using 10 year old PC that actually runs Garuda linux and Windows Dualbooted
Windows runs very slow where Garuda gave it a new life runs smoothly runs MS office with wine


hats off to all the forum and Garuda Maintainers and developers

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I don't think this is a fact, it is a respected personal opinion.

IMHO users don't spend enough time to discover a new OS, as Linux is, mostly thinking of Linux as a free WinOS replacement. If any user gives the same time to Linux, as spent on WinOS, they would find the many advantages to their workflow and great ease of use.

This is partly true, although it only refers to rolling realease distros, which are not the best choice for Linux newcomers. Non-rolling distros are super stable and trouble-free, at least similar to WinOS stability.

? Why say "Linux", when you don't mean it? What if you test a Gnome based Debian/Ubuntu based distro? Garuda and Manjaro is newbie friendly in the Archlinux based world, but (still) far from other Debian/Ubuntu based user-friendliness (Zorin, Elementary, Mint etc.).

Just another opinion... :wink:


You're too nice. :smiley:

Mine is that the original poster is relatively young in Linux.

@virat_17 , your comments are not uncommon for where you're at right now. And that's all OK. :smiley:


Meanwhile me thinking of how to put
Ubuntu touch in my father's 6 year old phone, which he uses no more... :sweat_smile:

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I'm thinking of archlinux arm or gentoo, but no driver support for most of the phones, if Android drivers works in linux I will copy them to linux

The mobile company dont want to support they want money

U may get some help here UB ports website for ubuntu touch u can install in phone from laptop

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That's the reason of why I am thinking of how to do it ?
As it's not as easy as installing garuda on my laptop :slight_smile:

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