Why is Garuda not shipping with apparmor installed?

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It has been a long time since I created a post here :grinning:.
I just installed AppArmor in my new garuda installation(learning new stuff), so I wondered why Garuda is not shipping with AppArmor installed.
Shouldn't it improve security?

Garuda is focused on performance while higher security usually results in a performance tradeoff or creates weird issues with games, but I don't know much about the affects of apparmor.


There is not much difference in the last(with AppArmor enabled) geekbench test and the rest of the tests.

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I can think of a few reasons:

  • For apparmor to work it requires careful management of the profiles
    • Since Arch doesn't ship out of the box with apparmor profiles that would mean the Garuda team would end up responsible for that which would be a substantial burden on a relatively small team.
  • Apparmor will introduce compatibility issues with applications that also have to be managed and understood. It is questionable if the Garuda user base would appreciate the trade-off
  • Not all kernels ship with support for apparmor
  • If an individual wants apparmor support, it isn't that hard to setup for yourself. You just need to be responsible for managing the profiles yourself. There is a pretty good set of profiles to start with in AUR.

I see that there is much difference between last test and others, especially on single core.

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The lower scores are when I tested without the charger plugged in.

Hi Austin, I believe this is all Arch spirit to be minimal and allowing user to decide what makes sense or not to install, not like some other distros all inclusive!


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