Why i love Garuda Linux Barebones?

I love Barebones edition, because it's simple and pure. I love Arch, but i don't like nvidia installation. :laughing:
Garuda gamer & Garuda Assistant is useful, because i can install easily everything for gaming. Well i can say Barebone edition could follow The Arch Way. Next thing what i want to say.

  1. DKMS NVIDIA - Really great choice, because i can simple install any kernel.
  2. TKG kernel - Best performance for gaming and daily use. (Big pepe energy!)
  3. BTRFS - Incredible thing how to restore OS, if something go wrong.

Thank you for this distro, Garuda need improve stability, but looks good! I trying spread Garuda to next people. If i find any bugs or issues, i will write it. I want to help this incredible distro. I had never more fps and performance like on the Garuda. :relaxed:


I'm in the same boat as you, KDE Barebones is a perfect minimal edition.

It's pretty much bare arch with garuda tweaks out of the box. I did strip it down even further such as removing garuda welcome along with its dependencies but regardless its very fast and easy to setup as I know from reinstalling Arch many times to get it perfectly tweaked to my needs.

The best feature I noticed so far with this latest release, is that pacman is now an all in one tool that can access the offical and aur packages (via chaotic aur). This makes it easier to avoid partial updates as I can just issue one command and it updates all packages including aur.

I do have two suggestion that could help fellow gamers who are disabling esyncs on proton via steam, is to double the default nofile limits so from 524288 to 1048576. Another suggestion is maybe have an option to enable freesync / gsync as well tearfree option if the user has the supported graphic card and display via garuda assistant

Thanks to the Garuda Team for bringing out this out of the box gaming arch that combines the best of Endeavour OS and Manjaro without the crap from Manjaro (EndeavourOS is alright but they used meta packages which installed useless applications)


Where did you get this from? We ship 524288 already as this is what Lutris recommends for ESYNCπŸ€”


We should keep Garuda Welcome for easy install useful things with one click. You probably always want to install Wine, Steam, DXVK or drivers for controllers etc.

Garuda Welcome + NVIDIA DKMS from MHWD + TKG kernel = Easier Arch named Garuda Barebones for much bigger amount of people and gaming on Linux will be easier. My good friend have Manjaro on laptop, but she have sometimes little bit fps drops, i think Garuda could full gap in performance. I think other people on the Linux have same situation.

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From these 2 above. PopOS currently ships with the new increased limits.

It helped me resolved the stuttering issues I had with Prey and Arma 3. I didn't want to disable as it supposed to improve performance so I did the research and thats how I found those suggestions.


Okay we will increase the limits for all installation via garuda-hooks using sed magic

edit: done increased limit to 1048576


I think we should make some benchmarks comparison. @ElderKarr Do you have it?

No sorry, I knew it worked since Arma 3 was much smoother compared to before.

However Thanks @librewish for quickly adjusting the limits, feels great to help out on improving my current distro of choice


+1 for Garuda KDE Plasma Barebones.

The choice ... between a pimped (Dragonized) and non-pimped (Barebones) version of Garuda is a very nice option.

Equally appreciated ... is the inclusion of the Garuda tools and Btrfs/Timeshift setup in Barebones. In my opinion, what helps define Garuda as well as set it apart from others.