Why Games are removed from KDE Plasma?

I like KDE Plasma layout more than KDE DRAGONISED. but when i installed KDE Multimedia(as KDE Plasma is not available any more) i found that many games and packages are missing which i love to use with. Please provide a solution for this

The solution is quite simple, have a look at the package list and install them :slight_smile:


You can install them yourself if you know the package name

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i don't remember exactly packages names... and there are a lot of changes

Is it possible by any chance that Team Garuda will reintroduce KDE Plasma with earlier games and other included package in near future?

(tongue in cheek) Nope, Garuda is a work place distro, no place for in-distro games.
Truly, I think this is an area that it should fall to an individual to fulfill for himself, very few people would want a game that you like (statistically speaking) and it costs bandwidth to include it in an ISO that everyone has to download. I think individual installation just makes more sense in this case. Perhaps the Garuda Welcome app could have a games category (or does it already, I only look at it once during installation usually) and perform installation of a few stds like Aisleriot and Mahjongg (my favorites) (lol), though I doubt it's in their interest to make a lengthy list of selections.


sudo pacman -S mari0 kde-games

That's what i was looking for. Although i found numerous changes but this is the one which i was looking eagerly :stuck_out_tongue:

I see there is two version of Dragonised game and other one... so why not for Plasma as earlier they had two version for this also

I found there is a iso garuda-kde-ultimate-201007-linux-zen with me. so what will happen if i install this nd update?
Will it update all package to the latest KDE Multimedia version along with older package that were in Ultimate version?

Garuda is a rolling release, you will always get the latest updates as soon as you update after installing the iso. The only change that could happen is in the installation process. Which I think has only happened with the default kernels and changing from neofetch to paleofetch.

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