Why does linux-zen freeze randomly?

I just lost an entire home drive to one of these random freezes and now I question: why?
Even in a Live ISO it still freezes, and now, I want to make sure that this doesn’t happen to me again. linux-zen freezes, however, tkg does not freeze from what I can tell. Why is this so?

The most likely cause is your hardware. Hardware is implicated in most kernel crashes. Sometimes you can troubleshoot and figure out how to fix the problem, or sometimes hardware just has bad compatibility because it misses the spec or has buggy firmware or whatever.

Just anecdotally, it never freezes for me. If it did, I would switch to another kernel too.


Try the mainline or the lts kernel to resolve these freezes .

Here’s the thing though; I already used a different kernel: Linux TKG. It’s just that with me having to use a Live ISO, I was forced to use it there anyway. However, now I know that there is aversion of the Live ISO with LTS. I installed that onto my USB immediately after hearing that information so… yeah.

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