Why do you use Garuda Linux?

A few months I switched to Archlinux because I was having problems with BTRFS, and I prefer EXT4.
Just curious, why do you use Garuda Linux over Archlinux(or other arch-based distros)?

  • Beginner (Easier to install Garuda)
  • Convenience (Easy install of Arch-based distro)
  • BTRFS (Premade setup of BTRFS and related tools)
  • Theme (beautiful default configuration)
  • Tools/programs (tools from Garuda package repository like garuda-update)
  • Snapper
  • Something else (please post)
  • I use a different Arch-based distro/Arch, not Garuda Linux

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Thank you so much for Chaotic-AUR, it helps so much even though I don't use Garuda Linux now. I also learnt a lot about DE configuration from Garuda Linux, and I use almost the same configs for some things like waybar. It was nice using Garuda Linux.


No, seriously.
Garuda Linux has been the only Distro for me that has run for over 1 year smoothly out of the box.
The BTRFS Snapper feature is a killer, saved me multiple times, for example:

A simple start from snapshot and clicked restore, no more issues. :love_you_gesture:
There is much more positives to write, but I want to end it with one negative.

I dislike docker on btrfs. wow, right?
But this is simply fixed by using the overlay2 driver.
(while writing this.. I notice I don't use overlay2 right now and all my volumes etc. are BTRFS based :astonished:)
My Framework has no issue with that, works very well.
Coworker had to use overlay2 since his system would lagg from all the subvolumes:
And yes I also have a topic for that:

Well :smiley: my negative just turned into a :man_shrugging: it just works! :smiley:


I started using a Samsung Galaxy as a camera to discover that Arcolinux was not seeing the phone connected by USB. I had an old install of MX on a USB and when booted from that the Galaxy phone WAS connecting normally by USB. .. therefore .. I installed Garuda Gnome over my Arcolinux XFCE because a change is as good as a rest.... and my folders were seperate from the OS.
... so far so very good. It's been a week.

  • and I now like Gnome again .. I'd forgotten how good the workflow is when simultaneously using files, Gimp and Openshot or Blender. I've noticed no negatives compared to XFCE and I prefer the workflow.
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The theming is what caught my eye, but it is the tools and the default setup that keep me coming back.

I had jumped over to OpenSUSE Tumbleweed for a while and for a few reasons was missing Garuda. At first I was going to use Endeavor OS or one of the pure arch linux installs, but as I went through what I wanted I realized that I was basically going to be spending a ton of effort to recreat the default Garuda setup.

It has also been really interesting to follow the development of the distro with how quickly things have changed for the better.

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