Which wifi adapter is best for garuda linux?

I am kaif. i just installed garuda linux and my wifi adapter(TP-WN823N) is not compatible with this. can anyone suggest some wifi adapter ?

That may not be a great wifi card, but you should be able to get it to work.

See my post here from only 3 hours ago:

Not too many people will give specific wifi recommendations, because what works well today may not next week. Buying an adapter with open source drivers such as Intel usually makes things easier as you do not need to mess with installing out of kernel drivers.


i want to buy a new adapter. can you suggest some adapter?

^^^ Intel is good, look for an Intel adapter if you want to not have to worry about installing proprietary drivers.

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thanks buddy.

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does wired connection will be a good solution ?

Of course as long as your computer is reasonably close to run a LAN cable. If running cable to the computer is a problem you can check into powerline adapters. They run through your home wiring and power line adapters work quite well and have very good speeds.


If you still want a recommendation for a wifi card, I bought this a few months ago and it works great on Linux: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B082MQGDHK?psc=1

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thanks buddy

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