Which program to use to flash the ISO?

I have experience with flashins ISOs and have used Ether and Rufus for Mint/Ubuntu.
I want to download Garuda KDE Gaming and tried Balena Etcher, windows recognized the usb fine, but when i went into bios my usb didnt show, this has never happend before. Wich exact flasher do i use? Maybe the garuda flashing tool, but when i press the windows it just says 404 nginx error.

Use ventoy. Once you set up ventoy, all you have to do is copy the ISO to usb amd done!
You can evem use multiple ISOs!


Yes Ventoy is totally awesome


Yes Ventoy is what you should use. Now as for going into your bios only do it when necessary. When you are ready to install just reboot and start pressing f8 or whichever function key it is for your system to bring up the boot menu. Then you can select the Ventoy flash drive from there and boot into it.


thanks a lot ventoy is so good


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