Which Keyboard Model is This?

Good day to all.

Im trying to find out which keyboard model, is this one, so i can configure it properly.
It's from an Asus U46E, any ideas? I have looked around, but couldnt find much, i appreciate the help.


So... what's the actual question?


US standard if that's what you are looking for.


Why is there a circle around the 1 an d6 just curious.

Since my language is Portuguese, i need to use special keys like:

á or ê or ã ... so i tried English (US, int. alt.) but it didn't work out.

Any ideas?

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I have only ever used US standard, only ever knew one language.
Sorry not much help to you.


It helped, at least, now i know it's US. Cheers.

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The 1 and 6 are marked on Pakistani keyboards, but I have no idea why. They may have multiple uses.

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Just as an typing impairment. As it is very old style, around 2011ish, they used color at that time. But these have been replaced by mini dots in modern keyboard. They are just small buds, and you can feel them when you hover over them. But many keyboard manufacturers give up these impairments because they want to look keyboard "sleek". But most of pc keyboard continue to have impairment.

I am 90% sure that this is the only reason for coloring these circles. But actual manufacturer can only tell if they have any other "hidden talent"

There should be an option in settings to switch layout to Portuguese. Didn't that work?

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That doesn't convince me. Because the noticeable knobs are on F and J.

press Alt Gr for special łétŧers :wink:

if you keyboard layout is US, and you want accents for Portugal, you may be able to set the Alt GR to Portugal and the rest normal. Check keyboard settings

Alt gr? whats that it's alt.

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