Which is the most stable version of Garuda linux


I'm a noob user

Just robust enough working distro

But I want a great working system that doesn't break and work out of the box other than existing bugs.
I'm ready to leave some features getting from updates.
I just want those things to work in my life time without updating.
I'm asking about Garuda Barebones, do they work well once every thing configured.

Just a request

It seams wierd for most people, If this works please suggest the best version for Garuda Linux.

Mx linux if you do not want to tinker :grinning:


Apart from MX Linux, I would argue that Garuda Xfce or Garuda i3wm are the most stable.
For Linux beginners, however, I would also tend towards MX Linux.

Personally, I worked with Ubuntu for a short time, then with Linux Mint for ~ 2 years before I switched to Arch-based Linux.


If you don't want to update, then Garuda Linux is not for you. Garuda is an ArchLinux based distro, therefore it expects to be updated regularly (at least 1 time every 15 days or monthly as much).

Now, if you are asking which is the "most stable" version you need to have in mind that ALL Garuda flavors share the same base but just different DE/WM so the difference between one or another is not really that high to call one "stable" and other "unstable", they are almost the same in terms of stability,


K, I admit the fact
I want just to know that Garuda Barebones are can be made stable, I want less package and make it in short time because before I wanted to go with gentoo or arch.

That doesn't fit at all, don't you think?


I mean I can't learn gentoo or arch fully at once. So I learn it step by step and it's outside this topic. Before I taught it is easier to install as in the wiki than building a distro. But it's just inverted.

What I wanted

I just want a less package and preconfigured with some useful tools like DIY KDE environment after installing arch. [as normal pure arch installation, it's better for developing environment I think]
I think less packages don't break things and easy to correct it.

If not suited

If I'm noob enough to correct those things, then I switch back to distro as simple as Ubuntu.

My goal

I want to create a best system atleast work for me, as a beginner I can't do that I build it in virtual machine then try on real hardware and do my stuff as a hobby.
I want to serve to linux community, and I want to work for forum in future ...

Hello and Welcome !
Honestly, excepted running updates every few days, and a will to learn how things work, Garuda is not a bad distro. It's quite stable (at least since I started using it beginning of January) and it does very well the job to be my main system.
Furthermore with such a great community (this forum first and the Arch community), nothing can go wrong.
Have a nice evening.


I'm just 1 year old linux user [in experience], I really don't know more things. The problem is I don't have more internet connection and I do things in offline, but arch is rolling release distro pretty much it uses internet for updates and installation applications or programs.

I don't want built in native apps by default like other editions
I want to create my own applications and I do my own customisation and configs

Last words ...

I want more info about these please clarify if these are supported in this forum or should I solve by my own for any bugs

Garuda Linux KDE-Git
Garuda Linux KDE lite

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Rolling release distributions are not a good match for this situation.

Use a frozen-pool distro like Mint or MX Linux instead.


IMHO a pestiferous Help Vampire & Troll.

There. Feel better?

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Just I should mention that otherwise my request seems to be more weird.

This is my Last doubt

Barebones isn't supported by the forums so yes you will need to be able to solve them yourself. Essentially you need to know your way around the linux terminal and how Arch Linux works in general


The reason these are noted as not being supported is they are more prone to issues that can be resolved by an experienced user on their own, but potentially not by a newer user. This can potentially create an unnecessary demand for assistance in the forum.

If an inexperienced user installs KDE lite and then needs their hand held for the entire process of getting their Nvidia card set up, that's kind of unfair to the forum helpers; if they had downloaded the normal KDE people wouldn't have to spend their time bailing them out. KDE lite isn't unstable any more than the regular spins, but there is configuration that hasn't been taken care of out of the box that shouldn't have to be hashed out in the forum.

KDE-Git has all the latest possible package versions, which can lead to instability. If a new person doesn't know what to do when a package has a bug or breaks something, again there is a need for assistance that would have been unnecessary if the normal version had been installed.

"What is the most stable version of Garuda Linux" may not be the most relevant question in your case. If you want to use Dr460nized KDE, you should! It's perfectly stable if you give your system basic maintenance, including/especially regular updates. If you are not updating regularly, identifying the most rock solid Arch-based distro in the world will not help you.

I would say if you can't commit to fully updating your system at least once a week, this is the the best advice for you until your situation changes:


First: When you are a noob. do not call your self "Hacker"
Second: Linux is always a playground for students
Third: You want really learn to understand and use a rock solid OS. Use Free BSD

K, I like Garuda linux the most because it had provided almost stability for my system than breaking windows machine.

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