Which Garuda Linux version is lightweight and the best for android developers and programmers?

So I have been using Manjaro for a pretty long time and recently I saw Garuda Linux online and I was so mesmerized after seeing its looks that now I want to use it, another reason why I want to leave Manjaro is, it is not very smooth with Android studio. Now, the problem is which DE should I use for Android Development, I have seen that LXQT-kwin is lightweight, XFCE is also light and i3wm is also light? Also, I am almost working on arch Linux since late 2019 and I am an experienced person so the difficulty is not an issue here.

Yes, you are correct that those are light DEs. Best advice I can tell you is put all those ISOs on removable media with Ventoy to see what DE feels the best for you. Its very user preference. Maybe try XFCE first, but that is just me if I had to use something other than KDE :wink:


No one can tell you which DE is right for you and your computer (especially when you provided no specs). You really need to determine this for yourself.

Welcome to Garuda, install whatever DE/WM catches your fancy and take it for a test drive.


Sway is the best choice. :wink:

Edit: I want to make it clear that I am joking around. I personally really enjoy using Sway, but as others have said the DE that is best for your workflow is very personal, and not strictly a measure of the DE's footprint or other metrics.

I'd really like to see a Garuda version of the Enlightenment Desktop, but it's difficult to maintain and difficult to find a maintainer other than Arch's.

For those who have never run E other than to go, "eek!" or has never been down the rabbit hole Enlightenment brings, it would be a lot of fun, I would think. And lightweight to the point it gives the word a new meaning. I'm very tempted to go with Bodhi's "Moksha" Enlightenment Desktop on my old 2011 laptop, which currently runs Dr460nized as an experiment after I boosted it's RAM to 8 gigs. (And it does pretty darn good!)

But I've seen E fly on old hardware, and maintained it for an undisclosed top tier distribution way back when (it was a bit less complex). And for folks bored with the same old KDE, GNOME, Xfce, LxQt, WMs, etc., it is a real trip learning for the first time. I'm very serious about the "rabbit hole" factor because it truly is. It's simple and/but entrancing. And lighter weight than any other DE.

But I've been away from it too long and frankly don't have the energy to devote to developing an "opinionated" profile for Garuda, although it looks like Arch's packages are up to date and have been maintained.

It would be very challenging--and unique among Arch-based distributions. There are only, to my knowledge only two non-Arch distributions using that desktop, Bodhi--using a custom DE, and Elive, a total joke.

Manjaro had/has an advanced user whose name escapes me, who was well versed in Arch' s E packages and settings but last I saw of him was long ago.

It's a rabbit hole one can get lost in...like Alice...or BTRFS, for that matter.

I would hope that some young, eager developer--especially one who might be getting a little bored with the status quo--might want to take that on as their next challenging task.

You know, maybe like @dr460nf1r3 and @librewish and maybe @dalto?

:wink: :question:


Sorry, I don't meet the qualifications :sweat_smile:


I have Intel I5-8250U, 8GB RAM, 2GB AMD graphics card(R5 M330). now, can you give advice, which DE can be best for me, which DE

You have enough resources to run any of them. Pick the one you like the most.


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