Which garuda edition works for me?(read the desc.)

I mostly use gnome or xfce(But I love xfce.)
I was using endeavouros and it had some problems . so i switched back to ubuntu.
And it doesn't work for me.
So I want to come back to arch.
So I liked garuda so much.

My PC specs are:
CPU:AMD A6(Dual core)

I want a minimal experience.(I hate wms btw)
Is xfce good for me?

Hi there, welcome!
Take a USB, installed Ventoy, download and simply copy there all the ISO files of the various editions and try them all live.


Sure try xfce if you liked it in the past. You can try it with the live system.


Garuda LXQT-Kwin seems good choice for lighter experience and it still looks very nice... tho I've had issues booting it in some systems. (not sure why all the others work fine)... but if it works when you live boot test you may like that one.

Don't know; don't care. Play with 'em all; mix 'n' match. It's more fun that way!

You can use different compositors with Xfce; not so much GNOME.


There is no way to know if it will be good for you unless you try it out. Other folks might have an opinion you disagree with.

This is kind of like asking someone, "Those jeans look pretty good. Will they fit me?"


And if I wear these jeans, "will they make my a$$ look fat?"

:jeans: :balloon:


Go with lxqt or wayfire
Since you have a low end pc


(I hate ten character limits. Those make your ass look fat, too. )


You type what I think.
Your gummy bears must be stronger than mine.

I installed XFCE.
It feels good!

But in other distros the ram usage was upto 800 mb(IDLE).
But in garuda it's 1050*MB.

Please, dont post like in a chatroom, you can edit your last post.


Just sort of a general comment here - I have trouble conceptualizing a problem you might have with EndeavourOS that you wouldn't also have on Garuda. Both are based on Arch (actual Arch repos) and just customize to different degrees (a larger degree(!) on Garuda) but the underlying system is the same.

I guess it is possible that some setting, or standard "addon" here solves a difficulty for you - but I have my worries :grin:

BTW - I just solve my difficulties by running both!


But Garuda is better :grin:

My general comment here. :wink:

:peace_symbol: I love you all :slight_smile:


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Yeah i know that both endeavour and garuda are same. Same arch repos with endeavour repo on endeavouros os and arch repos with chaotic aur on garuda.

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