Which distro is best suited for Android Studio?

I am not new to Linux but trying the Arch Linux flavor for the first time.
I plan to make a very very lightweight system that can handle my Android Studio & Flutter combi nicely. Apart from that internet access and an audio-video player... that's all that I want.
I have heard that such fine-grain tailoring can be done on Arch Linux flavors.
Kindly suggest which Garuda Linux distro is best suited for me.

Firstly, Welcome

Yeah, you can do that much fine grain tailoring on vanilla Arch for sure. But there are not much extra packages in Garuda Lite editions.

Lite ones (Any desktop environments/flavour) are my recommendations.
They are not much heavy and just install Android studio or flutter.


Thank you so much for the quick reply.
Ok for now I better move with KDE Plasma Lite, and after a period of time, Barebone may be.

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But whenever the command "Flutter run" is runned the emulator get stuck at blank screen. :stuck_out_tongue:

btw will sudo pacman -S flutter
will automatically add this to path ?


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