Where is the python-pywall config stuff?

I am using the qtile ISO and cannot seem to find any configuration info to modify how pywal looks. In


there are no files to edit. Other than that, I'm out of ideas. I did find one potential option and tried to find out what it's currently set to in case I want to go back but wal --theme only returns possible options, not what it's currently set to. I also can't figure out what it's using to actually set my wallpaper. I saw that feh is an option in autostart.sh but I have it commented out and nitrogen isn't even on the system. Wal doesn't set wallpapers, does it? or is it using another program to set my wallpaper?

Where you search?

Whoogle 3 sec.



Pywal is used to set wallpaper. If you don't want pywal comment or delete it in .config/qtile/scripts/autostart. Pywal don't have a config, but scripts used for pywal are located in .local/bin/


The only thing I have in .local/bin is a dmenu folder. I did a doas find / -name pywal and found a bunch of python scripts for pywal in /usr/lib/python3.9/site-packages/pywal.

Oh awesome! The fact that pywal can set the wallpaper is clutch. I really like pywal I just wasn't sure if I would need to install another program on top of it. I'm trying to install mainline arch in a vm for learning purposes.

As I said pywal don't have any config file. Script I use for pywal are located in .local/bin/


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