Where garuda wayfire edition? / Dont work updates GPG KEY / wlroots depency

Whats up?
i love that "Theme" ! why missing now?

And why can't the old image that I have saved be updated to the new version?

It says in the terminal when I try to update
package breaks dependencies - wlroots 2 > wlroots 1.0 (I don't remember the version number.)

I tried to update by ignoring this package, but I get after downloading the updates :

Is there a way to disable gpg via terminal?
I just love this theme, all the others presented on the site are bad - in my opinion!
I want to use Waylabd on Wayfire GARUDA.

Yes exactly. There has been that question adressed last week or 2 weeks ago, it has been removed due to somekind of update problem or something and until that is fixed it's not available. :frowning:

That's what I understood.

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Should be again this one?


wow, that is, it will be returned later?
If so, that's very good news!
the only version I liked!

Yes, thats for sure!

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PGP signature.. :
is it possible to disable them completely?
or at least update without checking?
I tried the standard methods that are in the garuda assistant (program) - nothing helped

I think this is technically feasible:
but I never dared to do it, as it poses a huge security risk...
I definitely think you'd better use the tutorial:


THANKS!!! Its work!!!!

The update was successful, after disabling the check!!
The only thing I haven't updated is wlroots (i just block that update package)
Since he screams that he breaks dependencies))
well, I think it's not that important, so I'll leave it like that for now!)
Seriously, everyone who is responsible for this shell - THANK YOU!!!
it is true, "the most flagship, the best - the best!"
Functional, beautiful!
Of course, there are "some not pleasant moments" in it, but for the sake of beauty "you can endure them"))

Although it helped in this case, I would strongly suggest to enable it again. Without the check packages can't be verified to be built by us, which can be a major security risk.


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